The UK's No.1 vitamins also available for four legged-friends

The UK's No.1 vitamins now available for dogs

Just like humans, dogs require a comprehensive range of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and agile. SuperDog takes our 50 years of award-winning nutritional expertise even further - all the innovation and careful formulation you'd expect from Vitabiotics.

Comprehensive support for:

Behaviour & Energy
Skin & Coat
Joint & Bone

SuperDog: lovingly formulated supplements for dogs

Health & Vitality

A balanced formula, ideal for any size and breed.

  • Health & wellbeing
  • Skin & coat
  • All round support
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Joints & Bones

Ideal for larger or older dogs’ joint support.

  • Bone & joint
  • Dental health
  • Comprehensive support
£18.95 BUY NOW

Users report significant improvements in joint health, behaviour & energy with SuperDog
SuperDog users report improvements in joint health, behaviour & energy

Labrador Sitting Down


Significant improvement in behaviour & energy


Significant improvement in joint health

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Buy with benefits

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Celebrity Vet Paul Manktelow's Top Tips

Owners need to do as much as they can at home to keep their dogs happy and healthy. Here are my top tips to help care for your SuperDog!

SuperDog FAQ

Why has SuperDog been developed?

SuperDog dog supplements have been scientifically developed to safeguard your dog’s diet and to help maintain overall health and wellbeing in dogs of all sizes. SuperDog tablets contain a unique combination of nutrients and bioactive elements.

Why is it that dogs may benefit from nutritional supplements?

It can sometimes be difficult to know the exact micronutrient content of what our dogs are eating and often a singular, repetitive diet may not provide the optimum levels of nutrients needed to promote overall vitality. Like humans, your dog requires a complex range of vitamins and minerals to stay agile and healthy. Therefore, pet owners may wish to consider giving their dog a specialist dog supplement alongside a healthy, balanced diet to safeguard their daily micronutrient intake.

Food supplements are not a substitute for a healthy balanced dog feed/diet.

Which product is right for my dog - SuperDog Health & Vitality or SuperDog Joints & Bones?

Both SuperDog Health & Vitality or SuperDog Joints & Bones are suitable for all sizes and breeds of dog.
SuperDog Health & Vitality is a balanced formula of 25 essential nutrients to help promote overall health and wellbeing, with specific nutrients for promote physical performance and skin and coat health. SuperDog Joints & Bones contains 22 essential nutrients that also encourage overall wellbeing with specific nutrients for promote bone, joint and dental health. This may be particularly suited to older, larger dogs or certain breeds that require extra joint and bone support.
SuperDog supplements are not suitable for puppies under 12 months.

Why choose SuperDog?

SuperDog dog supplements have been scientifically developed alongside canine health specialists with a dog’s specific nutritional requirements in mind. SuperDog formulas include essential vitamins such as vitamins C, D & E to help protect against harmful free radicals, as well as formula specific nutrients to help support physical performance or deliver joint and bone support depending on your dog’s individual needs.
From Vitabiotics, the UK’s No1 in vitamin supplements, SuperDog dog products have been developed to provide expert-level care and the highest quality standards.

Are SuperDog pet supplements gluten free?

Yes, SuperDog pet supplements contain no gluten or preservatives.